Monday, 19 May 2014

Wait, Lena Dunham Was Your Hebrew Teacher?

Lena Dunham forced my 15 year old son, B, to teach my eighth grade Hebrew teacher to use her iPad.

You know Lena Dunham? That's amazing.

Well actually it wasn't Lena herself. It was Hannah, the character she plays.

You know Hannah? That's amazing.

 No I don't know Hannah either.

(If you have been too busy watching this amazing show and you have missed this amazing show, you clearly need to jump into this century I will bring you up to speed.)

There was an episode where Hannah met a fabulous looking guy who ended up being a doctor and she spent the night at his stunning, modern, spotless townhouse.  They played a naked game of ping pong there was absolutely no gratuitous nudity.

Were they not playing ping pong on her iPad?


Did your eighth grade Hebrew teacher guest star?

Uh, No.

Was your son, B. an extra on the set?


We are not getting the tie-in here, Amy.

(Um, yeah, it's not an obvious one.)

Not everyone finds Hannah as good looking as you and I, so this episode was widely speculated upon, with the emphasis being How Could Someone who looks like Hannah snag such a good looking guy and a doctor to boot.

Response to this speculation was How Dare You judge Hannah by her looks, Tons Of People find her cute, plus maybe he was attracted to her sparkling personality and On Top Of That you are objectifying women.  Women who play ping pong stark naked on national television are not asking to have their bodies judged.

I watched the episode and immediately removed my clothing and grabbed a ping pong paddle did not see it that way at all.

I thought the point of the episode was that sometimes random things happen to you in life.

I think it is so great to meet all kinds of different people and have a wide range of conversations.

When I heard that my eighth grade Hebrew teacher was looking for someone to teach her and her sister in law to use their iPads, I immediately thought of Hannah and volunteered B.  When else will he get the chance to have a cup of tea with two elderly Israeli women, teach them both how to Skype their grandchildren, take selfies and download episodes of Shtisel (look it up)?

Experiences like this one enrich the fabric of day to day life. Much like Lena Hannah and the doctor, this is an opportunity to try something a little odd that will ultimately be enriching.

I dropped my son off with instructions to hang up his jacket, be polite, speak slowly.

And one more thing - I said -  if either of them picks up a ping pong paddle keep your eyes on the ground and inch your way towards the door.

That Lena Dunham can be a bit unpredictable.

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