Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day Twenty

Sales Guy comes to see my Husband (who is also a Sales Guy) to sell him something.

During Sales Guy small talk, SG says to Husband: Good friend of mine - we used to work together - was doing financial planning.

Transferred my entire portfolio to him.

Coupla weeks later, get letter from finance company.

Used to be charging you 1.6% management fee, effective immediately, fee is 1.87%

Steam was comin out my ears, Sales Guy says.

No sooner did I rip the envelope open, then my phone was ringin.  Financial planning friend on the blower.  No g-ddam way am I answerin that piece of scrap.  He shoulda told me what was up FIRST not after I got some g-dam letter.

Very long game of phone tag ensues, during which Sales is getting angrier and angrier.

Finally, Sales can't ignore his friend any longer.

Picks up the phone and I let him have it.

If you were going to increase my fee, you shoulda had the calls to tell me yourself.  Why do I gotta find out in the mail that YOU, MY FRIEND are making me bend -

Financial interrupts.  Why d'ya think I've been tryin to get in touch with you this whole time.  You got the letter by MISTAKE.  Secretary, nice set a cans, by the way, called in sick Tuesday.  Something about her cat pukin on the rug.  New girl, a little on the scrawny side, shows up, chewin her gum and actin like she owns the place. Sent out the 1.87 letters to the 1.6's.

Lemme get .this straight.  You were trying to call me to say the letter was a mistake. And I was  ignoring you completely.



Member the old office? There was that poster in the photocopy room, with the sand and the footprints?

Near the Irish Cream Creamer and the Dad's Cookies? Yeah, I know it.

Maybe Jesus was carrying me after all.  And I missed the whole thing, cause I didn't call him back.

Complaint Tie Ins:

1. Don't give your money to your friends to invest
2. Sick days are not for cats
3. Sometimes we jump to conclusions and we are wrong
4. Sometimes inspirational posters can actually be inspirational
5. Even people who don't necessarily believe in Jesus can sometimes be convinced

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