Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day Twenty Six

You know that thing about how after you meet someone you see them everywhere? Or after you hear about a restaurant suddenly everyone's eating there?

Phone rings again yesterday.

Hello, Amy.


I was at your talk Tuesday night.

(Who wasn't)

When I walked out, Shirley told me Who You Were.  I shouldn't admit this, I'm so old fashioned, it didn't occur to me that Fish was your maiden name.

(What's a maiden name?)

Anyway, I must tell you that my ex-husband usd to be business partners with blah blah who went to law school with your father.  It was such a coincidence, I just had to call!


And your mother used to go out with blah blah blah when she was sixteen?

Yeah that's true actually.

At that time, I was a friend of his brother.

Really? So you are practically my sister

Also, Your aunt is a contemporary of mine.  There are so many connections, I just had to call!

Yes I can see why you were compelled.  Tell me, by any chance did you recently enter a contest for free movie passes?

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  1. these things would not happen if you didn't speak on the phone!