Monday, 25 November 2013

Day Twenty Five

Hi Amy I'm not sure if you remember me but I was at your talk last Tuesday night?


I entered an online contest for free movie tickets and I couldn't-

Let me stop you right there Ma'am.  I am unable to help people with their individual complaints.  I sometimes speak to over 100 people in a week and I'm sure you understand -

I don't need your help with the complaint.  I need your help figuring out what to write, who to complain to and where to send it.

(Yes.  We can see where this is completely different than needing my help with the complaint.)

Let me understand this.  You found an online contest for movie tickets?


And the contest is local, here in Montreal?


And you found out about my free talk on Tuesday night?

Well, yes.

You were able to figure out my office number so you knew where to call me?

It appears so, yes.

But when it came to complaining you were completely stumped.

Yes, I suppose I was.


Somehow I have a feeling you can work this out too.

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