Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day Nine

Parked in neighbourhood with old fashioned parking meters.

Have no change.

Hey is that E's mother walking down the street?

Hi Mrs E do you have a quarter?

Sure.  Go into my purse and open my wallet?

Just got your nails done?


No shellac?

Nope.  Ruins your nails.

(Tell me about it)

Grab quarter and put it in parking meter.

Smile at Mrs E.

 That wasn't A Quarter she says.  That was a dollar.


Choose a Moral:

1.  If Canadians are going to have coins instead of singles, we have only ourselves to thank.

2. If you introduce me to your mother it may end up costing her

3. Shellac may ruin your nails but it preserves your pocketbook.

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