Friday, 8 November 2013

Day Eight

Turns out there's a new way to peel bananas.

Turn them upside down and peel from the bottom.

Guarantees a lack of blemish.

Heard it around the Boardroom table.

Bring the big news home to the kids who are not fans of blemished fruit.

Oh Yeah Mom. That's how Everyone is peeling them now.  That's how monkeys do it.  It's all over the Internet.

Peeling bananas is all over the Internet?

Well, peeling bananas upside down.  No one would be caught dead peeling the old way.

There's a cool way to peel bananas?

Mom, you are so old.

Choose A Moral:

1. Bad enough to follow skirt lengths and lipstick colours, now we have to stay on top of fruit peeling fashion.

2. Thank goodness I have cool friends like K who are going to keep me apprised of latest trends even up to and including the peeling of soft fruit.

3. I'm not saying Darwin was wrong, I'm just saying he may have jumped the gun a little.

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