Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Made vague plans with new friend to have lunch at some point in the next couple of weeks.

Text her this morning to see if she's free Thurs.

No, sorry can't make it.

Oh. Sounds kinda cold.

Really? I text back. No Plan B? No How's Fri? No Lunch doesn't work - how bout a coffee?

Sorry. Parent in hospital. Hole in roof dripping water onto brand new teak coffee table.  Dog just barfed and is eating it.

OMG no. It's me that's sorry.

Complaint Lessons Learned

1. So quick to joke around when in fact something (many things) are actually wrong
2. Texting not always the best way to communicate but how else are you supposed to make lunch plans.
3. Gotta love new friends who tell it like it is. Next lunch is on me, cupcake.
4. Teak? Really?

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