Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Drive Sober, Check Your Boobs in the Shower, And...

Going on family vacation with extended family and they actually put me in charge of booking tickets.  (Click here to read about my travel savvy)

Booked online through third party seller which is a chance, but one we were willing to take.

Checked fine print and reservation says even when paid for, not considered confirmed until ticketed.

Checked again and we are ticketed.

Did you get the seats? Travel companion asks.

No but not worried. Whatever seats we have we'll deal with.

Did you get the seats? Travel companion asks.

(Oh. I guess we are not taking No for an answer.)

Go online to see which seats we were assigned.

Looks like there are very few seats left on this flight and can't tell which ones are ours.

Call airline.

They have not assigned us any seats.

Let's stop here to review:

1. We have reserved our flight
2. We have paid for our trip
3. We have been ticketed by the airline


4. We don't have seats.

Apparently, getting seats is no longer automatic when you buy a ticket on a major airline.

All is fine now - thank you for your concern - however I feel this should be part of a major PSA campaign.

Possible Public Service Announcement Tie-Ins
1. Check your prostate, check in your seat mate. Nothing is guaranteed.
2. Stay away from pot, make sure you confirm your spot.
3. Washing hands saves lives, booking seats reduces hives.
4. Slip it on before you slip it in, and find where you'll sit before the last min.

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