Saturday, 19 November 2016

It's About the Journey Part Two

Hi it's Mark.

Are you the van driver? I don't see you.

Yeah, I was across the street waiting to see the bus. Guess I missed it.

Ok, because I think you told the hotel you were here waiting for me, and I was like am I in the right place? I don't see this guy anywhere.

Oh ha ha. Yeah, I meant I was across the street. I'm coming to get you now.

Lovely conversation about labour issues in workplace that I would share with you but was sworn to secrecy under the Hotel Van Non-Airport Shuttle Code of Conduct.

Maybe I will have to give him a tiny tip. Scrounge for change and come up empty.

Get to hotel.

I'm sorry we don't see your reservation here.

That CAN NOT be possible. I booked it months ago.

Fish, you said?


Could it be under another name?

(Like whose? Make me an offer)

Scrolling through phone and of course have several hotel reservation emails from past travels but not this one.

Are you sure it's not Evan Fish?

Yes. I may not be able to see an invisible van driver but I definitely know my own name.

I'm sorry Ma'am.  We have no reservation for you at this hotel.

You're kidding.

Hmmmm. Now what?

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