Friday, 19 August 2016

Silver Lining 4: Where the Story Ends

Hmmmm that's strange.

(I'm afraid to ask but have no choice:) What?

I just pulled out the Opera tickets? For Friday?


And it says here: Keep this number for when you Place Your Order. Does this mean I didn't place my order? Is it possible that we don't actually have any Opera tickets?

I don't know, let me see.  But FYI I'm just recuperating from pneumonia, so even if you find them, there's no way I can possibly…

Did I forward the tickets to you?


Did I forward the tickets to you?


(There are eight of us. Imagine this question repeated and responded to with variations on the phrase No I Don't Have The Opera Tickets).

Finally, someone says: Nope. Check your Visa statement.

I bought them with American Express.

At this point we aren't sure if you bought them at all.  Fine. Check your American Express statement.

No Opera tickets.

Not the six Opera tickets we thought we had.

Not on the Friday we thought they were for.

No need for the pneumonia I was relying on as an excuse a valid medical reason for not going.

Happiest ending of an Opera story ever.

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