Thursday, 25 August 2016

And Going And Going And Going And: Part 1 of 2

Needed Just-In-Case hotel reservation in Highly Desirable Area.

Booked two rooms.

Sold a kidney. Cost a fortune.

BUT can cancel with no penalty up until Certain Date.

Put Certain Date in phone with several alarms to Be On Safe Side.

Turns out we don't need rooms.

Called to cancel. 

Received cancellation e-mail.

Went on shopping spree because now it's found money.

Two days later received confirmation e-mail.

Hmmm that's strange. Already cancelled this. Why are they confirming?

Called the hotel.

Funny story. Blah blah cancellation blah blah confirmation blah blah so refund please.


? I have cancellation number right here.


Shall I read it to you again? Kilogram Harry Never 90-

I need to transfer you to our Customer Care Centre.

Hello Customer Care. Funny story. Cancellation, Confirmation, etc.

Yes I see that here, but it looks like you only cancelled one of the rooms.

What? Why would I only cancel one room? I called to say no longer going to High Traffic Area so no longer need Exorbitantly Expensive hotel. 

Just one moment Ma'am.


Ok, I've spoken to the hotel and their normal cancellation fee is $300 but they are willing to reduce it to $75 for you.

Now let me pause here to acknowledge that  someone who does not make their living complaining may be willing to accept this dramatic reduction in charges. However, it still struck me as unfair so I kept going.

But unfortunately we have reached our word limit so I will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.

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