Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Outlet Olympics

Visited American cousins.

Stopped at Outlet Mall on way home.

Bought two dresses which I thought were 50% off. When I got to cash, they were in fact 70% off of 50% off plus $10 discount which brought total to $30.97.  For two work dresses.  Both of which are four months out of season One of which has black pleather trim.

Oh yeah and bought 13 year old G a pair of shorts for $49.99.  That's a bit steep I said to cashier while my children cringed in embarrassment looked on with pride.

Cashier said If you buy a Second Pair then it will be $34.99.


No. For both.

(This story sounds familiar.)  Grabbed second pair and total for two shorts is $34.99.

You think that's great? asks Husband.

Yes I do.

Listen to this.  I went to buy shorts.  They were $33.48.  I got to the cash and the cashier said Where is your Second Pair.  Buy one pair of shorts and get the Second Pair for free.

Um, yeah, same thing happened to me.

Hang on.  I'm not finished telling my story.

Oh look cashier said.  Last guy here left his 48 cents change.  I will apply this change to your order and you will pay a cool $33 for your two pairs of shorts.

Choose A Moral:

1. I didn't know cashiers can apply random bits of leftover change to my purchase.

2. Even without the leftover change Husband paid less than I did for two pairs of shorts.

3. After three years of blogging, the cashiers are still the stars of the show.

4. My dresses may be out of season but come November I will be very happy to see them scrunched in an unmarked bag at the back of my closet neatly hanging on peach coloured satin padded lavender scented hangers.

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