Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day Twenty Three

Poll results are in.

The question was What Book Should I Write Next?

The answer you gave me was:

29 Tips for Dealing With Difficult People (14 votes)

Next came Jewish Family Puts Quebec on the Menu (13)

The next two: A Mystery Novel and Complaints Treated and Lessons Learned got a very sad 3 votes each, except that my sister, who didn't vote in the poll, gave me her vote at the hockey arena, and she voted for Complaints Treated so it slid into third place on a technicality.

I didn't commit to following your advice, as you may have noticed, I was just kind of curious what you guys were thinking.

Then I sort of wondered if the numbers would be reflective since some people voted twice (yes I'm looking at you) and the vast majority of you didn't vote at all.

Amazingly, the votes exactly mirrored what is happening on my computer.

I am six tips into the 29, so chances are high that that will be the next one off my production line.

The first essay of the Quebec series has already been accepted for publication (and yes of course I will post a link as soon as it's up) so that is sort of inching along.

And the other two are just ideas that I am marinating with.

How cool is it that the poll exactly reflected the reality of my work.

Now I know how eBay feels.

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