Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Day Thirteen

Husband bought new phone.

(I use the term phone loosely.  If an iPad and an elephant had a baby, it would be this phone.  It's huge.)

Screen froze.

Returned phone, got new one.

Screen froze.

Called provider back.

Just got second giant tablet computer you are passing off as a phone, screen froze.

I am so sorry to hear that sir.  We have been having problems with this hippopotamus-Escalade hybrid phone.  Let me put you on hold while I find someone who could help.

Hello, sir?  Your phone has a fourteen day replacement guarantee.  You bought it fifteen days ago. So there is absolutely nothing we can do.

Are you serious?

Yes sir. Fourteen days elapsed yesterday sir.  Today is the fifteenth day.  You are a day late sir.  Is there anything else we can help you with.

Husband said no thank you and called the guy who sold him the phone in the first place.  The guy who enrolled him in the plan that includes more than six different business numbers.

Guy said you have a fourteen day replacement guarantee that expired yesterday.  You are twelve hours too late.

But No Problem.  We can absolutely replace your jumbotron phone.

Our pleasure.

1. Guy read yesterday's blog and was guilted into phone replacement
2. Phone companies completely inconsistent and unreliable
3. Small phones, small problems.  Big phones, big problems.

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