Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day Ten

Who wants to play Scrabble?

Me! Me! Me!

Great.  You get the Scrabble board, you get the cookbooks.

Maybe you misheard me.

I want to play Scrabble not make a blueberry bundt cake.

(Although that sounds good too).

Amy you know we celebrate Shabbat.  We can play Scrabble but we don't write. We keep score with cookbooks.

Everyone keeps a cookbook on their lap.  You put a slip of paper on the page corresponding to the number of points you have.  For example, AWAY, quinoa with roasted apple and pine nuts.   CHAIN, beef with a horseradish crust.

Brillliant and very practical.  Board game scorage and meal planning.

How come Oprah didn't tell us about this when she went to the Hassidic home in Brooklyn?

Guess they must have played Pinochle.

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