Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day Sixteen

Today is my Dad's birthday.

It's also my cousin's birthday which we always thought was cool but come to think of it if you know more than 365 people, there are going to be birthday duplicates.

Also, on my mother's side, my grandmother was born on March 17, she had her son on March 17 and I had my daughter on March 17 so T is the third generation St. Patrick's Day baby in a family of Eastern European Jews.  (A little green beer will wash that gefilte fish right down.)

Since the NaBloPoMo people have not yet discovered the month of March I think I am OK telling you this story today.

I have only met one person who had the same birthday as me and it was at a party when I was a lifeguard at day camp.  I didn't believe him, so I made him take out his driver's license and show it to me.  I hear he is now an accountant.

When I was desperately shrieking at the doctors to take this baby out of me B was about to be born, the C section was scheduled for April 1 and my Husband worried about having a kid born on April Fool's Day. Turns out it was a perfect match between person and birthday.

And then when T was about to be born, her C section was scheduled for April 5, my middle son G's birthday and then the doctor said he doesn't deliver siblings on the same day as a matter of principle.  She ended up being born early on March 17 and this story has now come full circle.

Birthday Complaint:

1. People complain about sharing their birthdays with friends, siblings, parents and Christmas but a certain amount of coincidence is necessary just based on the limited number of days available in a year


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  1. that's a Dr. with serious principles!
    I never knew anyone with the same bday as me, and in the last 5 years, I have 4 people and it's great!