Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Day Six

Complaint Story I Haven't Told You Yet

Cousin goes to theatre in New York.

Sees Othello.

No she didn't have to. She wanted to.

Many students in theatre.

Students very noisy.

Cousin crutches over to theatre manager and says Students Very Noisy.  Shylock is peeling Benjamins out of his wallet and I can't hear a thing.

Manager shrugs Yeah, Whattya Gonna Do.

Crutches back up to her seat.

It is the East, and Juliet has a gun? is a nun? not much fun?

Cousin goes back to Manager. This is Seriously impinging on my ability to enjoy Shakespeare.

(Impinging? People who like Shakespeare are apparently also very articulate.)

Manager shrugs Yeah, Whattya Gonna Do.

(Clearly not a Shakespeare man, himself.)

Cousin leaves disappointed.

Bad enough that I have to use crutches.  Bad enough that I like Shakespeare so much I am  here by myself in the middle of the day. Bad enough that from where I was sitting it looked like some guy woke up in the forest and had turned into a donkey.

But to have the Manager dismiss my concerns like this? Unacceptable.

Cousin e-mails theatre directly. Asks for ticket refund.

Unenthusiastic response.

Cousin e-mails ticket company. You sold me a ticket to a show that I couldn't hear because there were too many noisy students.

Oh, Cousin, I say to her. This is never going to work.  It is completely not the ticket company's fault.  They are just processing the transaction.  How were they supposed to know that there would be a bunch of students? That the students would be noisy? That the Manager would refuse to have them leave the theatre?

Well Cousin says. I Disagree.  The ticket company needs to stand behind the theatres they do business with.  I hold them responsible.

People in audience always ask me if I'm ever Wrong.


Ticket company immediately issued full refund and apology.

One last question.

Who is Spot? And why was Lady MacBeth kicking him out?

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