Sunday, 17 November 2013

Day Seventeen

A few weeks ago someone in my writers group said Oh You have Writers Block? I'm really jealous.  That means you are a real writer.

Complaints About This Statement:

1. Of all the things to be jealous about me, I am surprised that Writers Block is your first choice
2.  When I was trying blog posts and deleting them this aft, the last thing I felt like was a real writer
3.  Proof that you are a real writer to me is that you really write, not that you get blocked
4. I use the term writers group very loosely to describe a few people from a writing workshop I took who meet monthly at the library
5. I use the term my writers group even more loosely because I've only shown up twice in six months and neither time did I submit anything for review

Poll results coming tomorrow and I have to warn you they have taken a surprising turn.

Also today is my Aunt's  birthday and she had her daughter on her birthday which is cool because my Uncle's birthday is the same as his mother's birthday and well I think we covered the rest of the story yesterday...


1 comment:

  1. Thank you! Writer's block or not, I don't know how you've been posting everyday for 17 days and they're all awesome :)