Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day Nineteen

First of all, now that we have been together nineteen days I have to tell you that I have absolutely no instinct for what makes a blog post work.

I thought the mayor one was great, and really, I don't think most of you cared either way (shout out to my loyal commenter V who did voice a controversial opinion).

I thought the birthday thing was borderline boring and everyone else seemed thrilled

All that to say, I'm happy I asked you what you think of the book thing because I would hate to work my fingers to the bone spend a couple of mornings throwing a few things together and ultimately produce something that while brilliant from a literary perspective actually bored you to tears.

Although, I can't say with any certainty that I will follow your advice, here's where we stand so far.


Poll Complaints:

1. Close to 1000 views and 24 votes.  Someone put my picture on a window and call Olivia Pope.

2. The book that will require the most research and actual work appears to be leading

3. The book that I have actually started writing appears to be coming in second

4. I want to write them all and I just don't have time

5. It looks like I said I would leave it up for two more days so what the H

6. Some people have admitted to voting twice so I actually have less than 24 votes

7. I don't know what happened to this font but I don't have the patience to fix it

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