Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day Five

The other day I went to a spectacular restaurant across from my work called TK Resto Bar.

It's a new kind of food called Filipino Fusion.

It is squeezed between the buanderie (laundromat) where we all bring our camp duffle bags and a depanneur (convenience store) which has the best bubble tea in town.

(Not that I've ever had bubble tea, but I have a colleague who's OBSESSED.)

They have cool adaptations of usual favourites like mac and cheese with apricot and lamb (which we didn't have) and ramen burgers (which we also didn't have).

I thought a ramen burger would be a burger with pieces of ramen noodles as a thickener.  WRONG.

Ramen burger is a burger where instead of the bun, there are two packs of ramen noodles.

Apparently it's delicious.

Oh and the decor is so cute. It's all wood walls, wood stools and wood tables - handmade or close to it.

They are licensed and they take credit cards.

Lessons Learned
1. Sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone is as simple as crossing the street.

2. Work lunches can be productive even if not held in cafeteria.

3. Salmon tartare tacos not as risky a lunch choice as perhaps you may have guessed.

3. Restaurants should not be judged by their neighbours. Rent is expensive.

4. It's only Day Five and we're already into restaurant reviews. This may be a long month.

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  1. I know EXACTELY what place you are talking about. and Ramen burgers are a rage on the internet. but I still wouldn't try one