Monday, 18 November 2013

Day Eighteen

Today we jump on the soapbox and discuss Rob Ford, Toronto Mayor.

He was caught on video smoking crack.

Which he denied.

He was rip-roaring drunk at the time.

Which he admitted.

He was accused of cheating on his wife.

Who looks like a helpless victimized victim.

(Victimized victim?

You can do better than that Amy.

Hey, cut me a break, it's Day 18).

This is setting a terrible example for our kids.

I agree.  A Mayor smoking crack, drinking excessively and eating Who Knows What - that is just terrible for our kids to see.

You see? You are setting a terrible example for the kids.

Me? I never even inhaled.

No. I don't mean by doing drugs or drinking.  I mean by vilifying this poor sick guy. By beating him when he is down.  By making fun of him mercilessly and publicly mocking him.  By showing him absolutely no compassion.

If your kid did that on the school bus, you would be called to the Vice Principal's office faster than you can say In School Suspension.

How can you possibly blame me? Everyone is laughing at this slob.  Late night guys. Radio hosts.  Even my barista got in on the act .  All I did was laugh at all of their jokes.


We took a look at this guy who clearly had made some completely idiotic, sick and irrational bad decisions and instead of throwing him a life raft, we threw him to the wolves.

Too bad.

I think he could have really used our help.


  1. I disagree. I think people have been throwing him life rafts for weeks, months even. his staff has been trying to help him, and he is so deep in denial, his ego is so full of himself that he KNOCKED someone over during a meeting today. he is out of control and is putting himself out there for ridicule.