Monday, 17 June 2013

Jamais Deux Sans Trois

(aka Thrice)

Y invited to a Wine and Dine.

You drink Wine. You Dine.  And (this part wasn't obvious) you can buy handbags, jewellery and watches all of which I'm sure are completely legit.

Couldn't show up without Wine.

Went to Liquor Store.

Well dressed 30 year old guy wearing tie is asking strangers to borrow cell phone.

Excuses Given:
1. Phone out of battery
2. Have no minutes left this month
3. All calls monitored by HQ and don't want to arouse suspicion
4. Mom/husband/Mother Superior will kill me
5. Cell phones are the devil's work

Y feels badly for Tie and says of course you can use my phone.

Tie grins and grabs phone.

Six long minutes elapse.

Y thinking she may have made big mistake.

Gets phone back.

Goes to Wine and Dine.

Drinks Wine. Dines.

Doorbell rings.

Tie standing there.

He is holding handbags, jewellery and watches (all of which I'm sure are completely legit).

Wow you are here he says to Y. I am so happy to see you again.  Now I can thank you for helping out before at the Liquor Store.  Here is a bag for you, my treat.  $1, 250 retail.

Morals of the Story:
1. You should let strangers in the Liquor Store use your cell phone because they might end up giving you free very fancy designer handbags when you least expect it.
2. If someone fixes your truck you may run into them in a dress store and they may be wearing a tie (you would have had to click on the link in the title to get this one)
3.  Being nice isn't always a bad idea.
4. Wine and Dine not as fancy a party concept as it sounds.

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