Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Meanwhile, At the Honda Dealership

Bring my car in for side air bag recall, trunk latch not working and roof rack caps which keep  hitting the roof on my underground parking at work mysteriously popping off.

Lady in front of me looks at Service Guy: "The clock in my VCR isn't working".

Things Going Through My Head:
1. Fabulous. More people with Alzheimer's.
2. How sad is that. Lady obviously lives alone, has no one to turn to, and has to bring her appliances to car dealership to be fixed.
3. If Lady unplugged her VCR to bring it here, then of course when they plug it back in, the 12:00 will be flashing. I will have to wait all day.
4. I didn't know VCRs were still legal.

Service Guy very patiently responds with "OK, Show me."

Lady walks outside.

Service Guy follows.

I follow too. (What? Suspense was killing me).

Lady opens the door to her car. It's a CR-V.


  1. my complaint is that it took me 3 dealerships to fix the clock on my Fiat. maybe I should trade it for a VCR

    1. LOL! If it's so complicated to fix a clock, I sorta wonder what else isn't working under the hood!

  2. did not see that coming- pleaseant surprise to end with a chuckle!

  3. I gave my Honda Accord car to Pearl Honda Gurgaon on Saturday, 11th May 2013 for routine servicing which included Servicing, Tuning, etc.

    The car when reached my home after servicing the following day, it was extremely overheated and fumes were emanating from its Engine. I suspected a major damage to it and started my communication with Pearl Honda on this issue.

    I was initially told that there is only damage to the Radiator, however, after fixing repaired Radiator at my place, they suspected major damage to the engine of car. I was told that car has to be towed back to workshop for checking and repairs, if any.

    Pearl Honda sent a tow vehicle to my place the following morning. When car was checked by Pearl at its workshop, they found head gasket to be damaged and proceeded for repairs, for which they took about 3 weeks, during which I had to make several phone calls, write Mails, send SMS's, pay personal visits, to get the job done.

    During my visits and discussions with mechanical staff of Pearl Honda on possible reasons for overheating of the car, I was told that there is a possibility of fans switch being disengaged during washing, which resulted in chain reaction of damage to Radiator followed by damage to the head, during the drive of car to my home.

    During my communication with Pearl Honda, I had clearly stated to them that since these damages to Radiator and Head Gaskets have been caused by them, they will have to be responsible for the same and I will not pay any charges for repairs to them. Following are excerpts of my communication with them on costs attached to such repairs:

    May 13, 2013
    Please note that I will not be responsible for any costs over and above initial bill amount of Rs. 6,491."

    May 16, 2013
    "I once again reiterate that Peral Honda must ensure to check the car thoroughly and restore it back to the condition in which it was given to them, at NO EXTRA cost to me."

    May 18, 2013
    "I made it clear to him that since this damage is caused by actions of Pearl Honda, I will not be responsible for any cost attached to it.

    Hence, Pearl Honda was quite aware of the fact that any repair charges relating to Radiator and Head Gasket will not be borne by me and they proceeded with the repairs with this understanding.

    I was eventually advised by Pearl Honda that car has been fixed and I may collect it anytime on Sunday, June 2, 2013. I went to the workshop around 3 PM of that day and met Mr. Ashish Gupta, Service Manager. He confirmed that the car has been test driven and its functioning properly. However, I was asked to pay Rs. 25, 582 for repair of Radiator and Head of the car, which, based on preceding facts, I refused to pay. Mr. Gupta then spoke to GM Operations Mr.Om Dutt over the phone, who flatly refused to even hear us out. Consequently, I was sent back by Pearl Honda without giving delivery of the car.

    I took up this matter with Honda Car India on May 31, acknowledgement of which was received from their Public Relations on June 1. However, despite keeping them in loop over all communication and developments, they have not responded on this issue so far.

    In between my communication with Honda Cars India, I received a message from Pearl Honda on Tuesday, June 4, in which they though committed that the car came back in overheated condition to my place with damaged radiator, they clearly stated that the delivery of the car can be given only on making the payment for repairs to Radiator and Head Gasket.

    I am a physically challenged person who has been without the car for 27 days now and despite my sufferings during the period of repairs, neither Pearl Honda nor Honda Cars India has showed any concern for the same after the repairs have been done and have made no attempt to contact me or take any notice of my concerns about the issue and I am continuing to suffer mentally and physically because of their irresponsible and couldn’t care less attitude.

    1. I am so sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with this issue. I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a positive resolution soon.