Thursday, 14 March 2013

Things That Did Not Occur To Me Before I Signed Up For Writing Class

1. Didn't think through the logistics

More traffic than expected but had left early enough that wasn't major issue.

Found spot behind building.

Old fashioned parking meters.

The kind that don't accept credit cards.

No change in wallet, bottom of purse or under car mats.

No cash with which to get change.

No ATM in sight.

Minutes till class starts.

Run up stairs to class and ask room full of complete strangers if any one can lend me some change for parking meter.

Four people offered change immediately.

Learned Two Lessons:

1. Writing students very nice
2. I make a great first impression

2. Didn't think I'd actually have to work

Before first class got email from the teacher.

A Syllabus.


In class she gave us writing catalysts.

And we had to produce, right there.

Plus submit two essays over the eight week course.

And critique at least three essays per week.  According to preselected criteria.  Prepared in writing before each class.

What does she think this is? 


3. Didn't think about technology

In addition to the readings, there are videos to watch.


Are they allowed to tell us what we have to watch?

Is that even legal?

Seems a bit fascist.

Plus the screen on my phone is a little small.

4. And the final thing that didn't occur to me before signing up for a writing class

Maybe I should have taken a writing class BEFORE writing a book.



  1. I am sure your fabulous undergraduate education (UHUM, anyone?) has prepared you to write your book BEFORE taking the writing class!

  2. UHUM, FWS, SSIS - takes me right back...