Saturday, 9 March 2013

Reviews Are In

"Why didn't you write 'by' on the front cover? It just says "The Art of Complaining Effectively" and "Amy Fish"! Why did you put those little hearts?"

"Did you want the front to be off-centre?"

"Whose decision was it to make the word ART larger than the words Complaining Effectively?  I guess it will work, but I really wouldn't have done it that way.  The book is about COMPLAINING, not about ART."

"$14.95 for the pre-sale? and $18.95 after that? Well I guess you did your research.  I trust you.  Do whatever you want.  As long as you realize that You aren't charging enough.  It should be at least $18.95 for pre-sale."

"Is that the font we ended up choosing? Somehow I thought we decided to go with something bigger."


This book is even better than I thought.

You don't have to actually read it.

Just hold it in your hands and you start complaining immediately.

I've never been more proud.

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