Thursday, 21 March 2013

Complaint About the Dentist

Hate going to the dentist (sorry, J).

Yesterday the big day.

Brought copies of my book to take the edge off to distribute as gifts.

Gave one to the hygienist.

Gave one to the receptionist.

Asked them if I can take their picture holding the book.

Posed them next to dental equipment and asked them to look dental (dentally?)

Framed the picture just right, and -

dropped phone on the floor.

Screen black.

Tried everything.

Screen still black.

By the time my teeth are clean and I get to the receptionist to schedule my next appointment, I have mentally sat in traffic for 47 minutes, circled for 13 minutes to get a parking spot in front of the Apple store, parked eight blocks away in the snow and am sweating in the store waiting for service.  Have also convinced myself that work is on fire, my children are frantically texting me and my husband's phone is also broken so there is no way to reach either of us.

Receptionist reaches across the counter, smiling gently.

I hand her the phone.

Have you tried this? she says, pushing the on button.

No wonder I hate going to the dentist.


  1. I am terrified of the dentist. TERRIFIED. Also terrified of the apple store. Having a drink just reading this. Thank you.

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  3. LOVE THIS!!! SO Something that happens to me!

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  5. I feel ya
    those dentists are like butchers sometimes :)

  6. I went to an Oshawa dentist not too long ago and I had a good experience. Its nice to know that not every dental experience is bad!