Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So Close, And Yet So

Goal for this evening to watch last four episodes of Girls Season 1.

#7 smooth sailing - Husband took kids for frozen yogurt in celebration of attending swim practice, swimming 3 kms and high mark on science test respectively.

#8 paused several times to oversee bed time due to sugar high.

#9 all quiet on the Western front.

Evening almost exceeding my expectations.

#10 ok for first 24 minutes.

#10, minute 25 On Demand Channel goes blank.

Experiencing technical difficulties.

I know nothing probably happens in the last few minutes, but don't feel I can legitimately move on to Season 2 until this season is completely complete.

1. No matter how low you set the bar, goals still may be difficult to achieve.
2. Socialized medicine a poor substitute for good cable.
3. Keep waiting for Shoshanna to wear a Brandeis sweatshirt. Probably happens in minute 27 of #10.

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