Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Six Reasons to Let Your Kid Go to a Hockey Game When He Has an Exam The Next Day

6. If the school is going to have exams during hockey season they have only themselves to thank

5. When the neighbours call Youth Protection I want them to have concrete examples of child neglect and poor judgement

4. Cramming the night before an exam is not the best way to study, any good studying should have happened weeks in advance (do not drink while reading that last one, you are liable to spit out your hot coffee)

3. Son will be so grateful that this should produce excellent results throughout the exam period (hope you weren't drinking coffee there either)

2. Any kid that does not go to college puts at least 30 Large direct to the bottom line
And the real number one reason to let your kid go to a hockey game the night before an exam:

1. Learning is not limited to the classroom environment


  1. I agree..great parenting. My theory also included letting your kids "skip" school to attend the opening of baseball season, knowing full well they knew nothing about the game.

  2. I love #1. So I suggest that you write a follow up blog post called: "Top 6 things you learn at a hockey game"

  3. Saw him at the game - it was a great learning experience!!

  4. Interesting. Last night we debated whether J should go to his hockey practice. I was totally against it. So going to the game: totally out of the question. But, I agree. Cramming the night before is totally useless! Btw, he went to his practice.