Monday, 14 January 2013

Complaints About Cake Pops

1. They look so innocent but are in fact very moody little snacks.

2. You never know when they are going to work perfectly or when they are going to melt off their sticks in the middle of the work potluck.

3. They force you to forget them at home, causing you to have to turn around and pick them up, further causing you to nearly miss the aforementioned work potluck.

4. You can buy special pans to mold the cake pops.  Or, you can win the As Seen on TV cake pop pan at a holiday gift exchange only to have it wrenched from your grasp by an overzealous Mom who says her seven year old is en route to pastry chef stardom and ABSOLUTELY MUST round out her cake pan collection with As Seen on TV cake pop cast iron molds.

5. Food trends. Because it's not challenging enough to have the correct nail color and hem length.


  1. FYI, I have a cake-pop machine. like a George Forman grill, but for cakepops. it's stupid, but it works.

    1. Filed under things that may come in handy some day.