Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yes In the End I Found the Shoe

You know how sometimes you look everywhere for your keys and they are right in the inside pocket of your purse where they belong?

Or you say to yourself I wish I had thought to put blue Excel chewing gum in my glove compartment, and you open your glove compartment and there it is?

My sister in law has a great expression for that.

She calls it being your own best friend.

Yesterday morning I couldn't find my Chuck Taylor Lichtenstein Converse very appropriate work shoes.

I'm a huge liar.

I actually found one sneaker but for the life of me couldn't find its mate. 

Offered a prize to whomever could locate second shoe.

Thought about the time I inadvertently donated a single orange winter boot to the Goodwill.

Finally crouched on hands and knees in closet, vowing to overturn every --

Wait a second, is that a Zellers  Holt Renfrew bag, poking out from the corner?

Shift over plastic rubbermaid tub very well organized cedar chest of purses.

Two awesome Hanukah gifts. Vintage 2011.

Found just in time.

Turns out I am not only my own best friend, but my own Santa Claus too.

Does this mean I get to bake myself cookies?


  1. photos of said i need to come over?

  2. @R, your mad skills as a professional organizer will always come in handy.