Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wonder What the Spanish Menu Says

Montreal landmark restaurant recently reopened.

Saturday lunch with kids.

G orders burger and baked potato.

That will be extra, says Waiter.

I wouldn't mind springing for a baked, I tell Waiter. But according to menu, burger comes with choice of baked or fries.

Sorry, Waiter says. French menu says burger comes with fried or mashed.

Polite chuckles all around.  We'll take the baked.

Husband's turn to order.

Wants burger and fries.

10 oz burger? Asks Waiter.

No, says Husband.  Here on menu burger is 8 oz.

On French menu, says Waiter, burger is 10oz.

More polite chuckles.

G's burger comes.  With fries.

Excuse me sir, I think he ordered the baked.

Oh.  Kitchen having trouble getting used to English menu too.

Look over at next booth.

Another family having lunch.  He's drinking a pint of beer. She's having a vodka orange.

On the English menu, they ordered diet Cokes.


  1. would this be the restaurant with the giant cow on the outside?

  2. new restaurant sounds like it should be located in that famous "no success" spot on queen mary that has more a louer signs then anywhere else

  3. LOL!! I think we need a "hechsher" for that spot!