Saturday, 15 December 2012

Opposite of A Complaint

Welcoming new fancy tea store to the neighbourhood.

Salesgirl pulled delightful novelty teas off the shelf with panache- Do you like popcorn? Try our Movie-goer's tea!

Offered alternatives to each tea - If you liked Chili Chai, you'll love Chili Chai Chocolate!

Couldn't decide whether to go for the Oolong, It'll Change Your Life or Moroccan Mint, You'll Feel the Sunshine.

Then salesgirl dropped a bombshell.

If you get the Sleigh Bell, dried fruit and nut tea with real cinnamon sticks!, you can re-use the tea to flavour your oatmeal the next morning.

Re-use? Oatmeal? Sounds too good to be true.

Fell for it, hook, line and $42.99 later.

(Not all on tea, silly. Bought a few Christmas gifts while I was there. OK, fine, tea Christmas gifts, but still.)

Have to admit.  Worked perfectly. Tea great.

Saved tea bag.

Opened it next morning and threw into oatmeal.


Remarkable Things About This Story:

  1. People will buy tea with actual popped kernels of corn in it despite absolutely no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, that popcorn, when steeped in hot water, will produce a tasty drink
  2. Sales people in fancy tea store appear to have spent more time in training than some emergency room staff
  3. Training includes tips for how to re-use tea bags.
  4. Tea bag re-use turned out to be as absolutely delicious as it sounded
  5. I can find absolutely nothing about this transaction to complain about


  1. complain about the 42.99!
    seriously though, the amount of training is astounding. wonder if they get as many quitters as I do... can you imagine training these people and having them not show up on the saturday before christmasÉ (that probably only happens to me...)

    1. @V, sucks re this morning, and yes would suck EVEN worse if you would have invested the undoubtable millions that our buddies in turquoise sink into each and every employee. And about the $42.99 - may have possibly exaggerated for the sake of a good story...