Saturday, 24 November 2012

This is Why Eleven Year Olds Should Not Date

11 year old G invited New Girlfriend to first BBQ of the season.

One o'clock. Blow dried and plaid shorted girl rings doorbell with her Mom.

One problem.  BBQ called for six pm.

G still at BFF's house.

New Girlfriend is mortified.

Looks at her Mom. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Voice cracking.

Don't worry, hon, I'm 42 and nothing like this has ever happened to me either.

Normally when someone invites you over, you expect them to be home.

We apologize profusely for misunderstanding and New accompanies my Husband to pick up G.  Comes home with G and BFF. New delighted.

Relationship runs its fifth grade course. Here we are in sixth grade, New Girlfriend has hit cutting room floor, and we are now back together with Summer Camp Girlfriend.

Summer Camp is invited for Sunday brunch.

Rings the bell Saturday at noon.

G is - obviously - at BFF's house.

BFF's Dad takes G back to our house to reunite with Camp.

Choose a Moral for the story:

1. G needs a bus pass
2. Good thing G's relationships don't last long, at least the idiocy is spread around
3. G's BFF has the patience of a saint
4. Let's hope G's next girlfriend has a blackberry

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  1. frankly, knowing you, i am surprised you didn't just hang out with both GFs and gt all the inside scoop!