Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Good Thing I Didn't Buy Shoes There Too

Felt guilty in the night that haven't been blogging.

Worried that blog becoming too mommyish.

Concerned that maybe have drifted too far from original vision.


Perhaps writing complaint book drained all the retail related mishaps out of me.

May have to face fact that am just running out of material.

If only there was some way to generate funny stories about shopping, flying and drinking bottled water without actually leaving the comfort of my bedroom.

Perfect day to wear brand new red power suit.

Look in mirror.

You know those ungainly beige plastic tags that will spray ink everywhere if not removed in the store?

The ones that are on the hem and absolutely can not be camouflaged with the right sweater?

I guess I will have to wear grey executive suit.

Purchased at the same store on the same day.

And clearly checked out by the same clerk.

Moral of the Story: Be careful what you wish for.

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  1. I have SO MUCH material for you.... just say the word!