Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Vanity in the Master Now Opens and Closes Without a Peep

Houseguest came for dinner and stayed 8 days.

Washed, dried and put away breakfast dishes.

Cooked Bananas Foster and almost managed an actual flambĂ©.

Finished the peanut butter and replaced it before we even noticed.

Oh and by the way, a repair guy came in to fix something in your bathroom.


He wasn't sure which bathroom, so I brought him to all of them and then he realized what he was here to fix.


Mr. Houseguest.  We appreciate your company greatly.  And by far, the best jerk tofu I have ever tasted.

Unloading the dishwasher was much appreciated.

And the hair clip you brought was so thoughtful.

But please do not let strange repair men into my house without my permission.

We were very lucky that this turned out to be an actual repair person.  We were lucky that he knew what to fix, and how to fix it.

But opening the door to strangers is a risk.

Please do not take that risk in my house.

If I wanted you to open the door and let people in, I would let you know.

In fact, do you mind getting up early tomorrow morning?  The drain in the downstairs sink is leaking.

The plumber should be here by 8am.

And I hear he loves his latte flambéd.

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  1. i think I might need you to send your houseguest to my house for 3 to 4 days..... there is somehow NEVER an adult in the house, even though there are several SPARE ones who live here!!!!