Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Same Story Twice


Giving "How to Complain Effectively" speech to Association of Retired University Professors.

Running late.

Shortcut through construction zone never a good idea.

Front passenger tire learned that the hard way.

Roadside Assistance.

Fixed tire, back at work, piece of cake.

Two weeks later Husband moves car early in morning.  Still denying that he left the lights on.  Car won't start.

Roadside Assistance.

Same tow truck pulls up.  Same guy gets out of car.

We both crack up.

Thank g-d I tipped him the first time.


First cousin once removed sees total stranger wearing fabulous dress.  Had to have it.

Wants to ask woman where she got it.

Daughter is mortified. If you even glance in that woman's direction I am going home.

Once removed says we are in New York City.  We will never see her again.

Stops woman in dress - Where? What? How?

Dress is flattered.  Says two blocks west, across the street, on the right.

Daughter leaves on principle.

Removed goes to the store immediately.

Guess who the salesgirl is?

Bought the dress in three colours.

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  1. ok this post, my new favorite! oh and i was caught stop freeezing those reeses and you know...keep me laughing!