Tuesday, 15 May 2012

If You Buy Me a License Plate That Says "Mom's Taxi" The Deal is Off

Just gave B's friend a lift home.

No he was not at my house.

No he did not ask me for a lift.


He was skateboarding in the park eight blocks away.

And it's dark.

A little rainy.

No bus pass.

There is a cheesy quote going around that says something like you should listen to your kids when they are small and tell you little things so that when they are big they tell you the big things.

I am hoping the same principle applies to lifts.

I give my kids and their friends rides as much as I can.

I want them to get into the habit of calling me when they need a ride.

I want them to know I will go and get them any time, no questions asked.

I am hoping that giving little lifts when they are small will cause them to ask me for more important lifts when they get bigger.

Complaint Tie-In:
Sometimes it's better to suffer through a small complaint now (driving all over creation) to avoid a much larger complaint (my kid is in the hospital) later.

This is not a sure thing, I agree.

But I am comfortable gambling on my minuscule complaint because the potential for grave complaint avoidance is so big.

Hope this doesn't mean I will spend the rest of my life driving people to the airport.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Maybe Had I Not Just Seen the Avengers This Story Would Have Had a Different Ending

Saturday night, just after midnight.

Open front door.

Furniture completely re-arranged.

Laptop and extension cords zigzagging across living room floor.

Black wig, gold crown and zebra morph suit partially hidden by couch pillows.

Stepped on two sweatshirts I have never seen before in my life.

Key Grip forgot to strike the set.

Pizza box. Milk container.

Craft service also obviously off his game.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, putting house back together and muttering under my breath the whole time.

Ha.  You know me better than that.

I went straight to bed and set my alarm for 7am to attack the disaster area before my house was condemned.

You fell for that too? What is this, amateur hour?

I woke them up.

Yes, at 12:15am.

I turned on all the lights and said Go Downstairs and Put The House Back Together.

Also How Many Brownies Did You Eat.

They were not too happy.

Neither was Loki.

But I think both learned their lessons.

And I didn't have to blow anybody up.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Book, Cover

Knit night.

(wanted to push myself, knit something out of my comfort zone)

Idle chitchat.

Woman sitting next to me on the couch is pulling spectacular beaded lace shawls out of a tote bag.

Many lace shawls.

Shawls so beautiful, so delicate, that for a moment you are wondering why American Apparel bothered re-inventing the hoodie.

I have a lot of time to knit in my job.

I am a mechanic.

I work in a factory.

I sit and knit waiting for the machines to break.

Sometimes I am on call.  I sit at home knitting, waiting for the phone to ring.

I guess it makes sense.  Someone has to fix those machines.

Never occurred to me it would be a knitter.