Monday, 16 April 2012

Maybe You Can Explain This To Me

Cheesy accessories store.

5 for $10 or 10 for $10.

I have 5 for $10.

So far so good.

I have 3 for 10 for $10.


Cashier says Choose 7 more items.

No thank you.  I have enough pink zebra hairbands.  I really need these three with feathers.


If I choose 10, it will be $10 even.

You win.

Al Gore and I lose.

In retrospect, I should have purchased the extra items and just left them on the counter.

Next time.


  1. I hate that place! I just had a similar argument last week. and no, I wasn't trying to knock off their crocheted flowers, I was buying owl earings. to use. on my craft blog...

  2. Was that in Alexis Nihon Plaza?
    Same thing happened to me...I bought the extra items to get the 10$ price...good thing too as half of the beaded necklaces broke anyways...