Friday, 20 April 2012

Chocolate, Vanilla, Lime Green

72 hours before the biggest (and only) catered event of my life so far, I get an e-mail from the caterer.


Heart drops.

Venue flooded.

Caterer declared bankruptcy.

Food poisoning incident.

None of the above.

E-mail reads:

Cake: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Icing: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Trim: Blue?


1. Relief
2. Jealous of people to whom the only emergency they have ever known is chocolate related
3. Also jealous of people to whom this decision would actually be an urgent one
4. Pity for the caterer who probably has to deal with decisions of this nature with the delicacy that perhaps they do not deserve
5. I am obviously in the wrong industry


  1. NOw that's funny! Mazel tov on this milestone occaision! Enjoy every minute of it!!

  2. now wait a minute, a blog entry on said day whereby it is the only catered event of thats impressivE!