Friday, 2 March 2012

Which one is the most offensive? Please vote.

Parent teacher interviews.

Three large tables with books.

Sign says: Save Us From The Recycling Bin.

Couldn't help myself.

Now look on the right hand side of the blog post.

There is a poll.

Click on one of the circles to vote.

I am very curious to see what you think.


  1. The 10 year old boy in me wanted to choose A, but my better judgment prevailed. Regardless, I was led to consider a few letter changes to the author's name and ended up with "Tit coq au Gratin". Now that's a happy meal.

  2. well, knowing the first story very well I find it amusing, not offensive, in the same way that French kids learn to swear and then say they are not swearing because they are saying 'phoque' - a seal.

    but B and C are pretty bad, I can't believe someone put those out on the table!

  3. I had the librarian at the Jewish Public Library remove the "Indian" type book. It referred to our "red-skinned friends". That was 15 years ago. I can't believe a school would not have disposed of these years ago.