Monday, 26 March 2012

Now I Know How the Evil Stepsisters Felt

Found the perfect pair of shoes.

Found them on eBay.  Even better.

A few days go by.

No news from deeluxeshoesrus#22228.

E-mail Mr. Deeluxeshoes to see what's up.

Dear Ebaybuyerwith3kidsandfabulousblog,
Thank you for your order of Springtime In Paradise shoes SZ8.5.
Unfortunately, we are out of stock in your size.
We suggest that you take the shoes in SZ7.  They run big anyway.
We will refund you $30 off the original price, and shipping will be free.

Umm, sure.

I want those shoes so badly I will cut off my toes just to fit into them.

(Fingers on your feet? Totally over-rated.)

Complaint Tie-In:  Please do not advertise things on eBay that you do not have, and therefore could not possibly sell, hoping to lure me into your evil clutches with false promises of reduced postage and free shipping.  I almost fell for it.

Happy Ending.

Found shoes on another web site.

Found them in my size.  Even better.

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