Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Am Sure to Get A Lot of Dinner Invitations After This

Went out for dinner with two friends.

Food, drink.

Friend three shows up.  No thanks, I'll just have a diet Coke.

Picks at our food.

Friend two says to Friend three - c'mon you gotta taste this.

And this.

And this.

Friend three now has napkin on lap and is discussing possible wine pairings.

Bill comes.

Friend one says to Friend three Don't worry, we got it.

Friend two says Ya, you just had a diet Coke, it's our treat.

Looks at the waiter. We'll just split this three ways.

Umm, excuse me?

You are a big sport.

Some may say you are too generous.

Especially since you are spending my money.

Next time we go out, if you want me to treat you need to ask me.

I may say sure, I may say no thank you.

I may say I'm just going to have a diet Coke.

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