Thursday, 12 January 2012

Then Again, Golda Meir Never Met Justin Bieber

My Dad used to tell me about a Golda Meir quote where she said something like we can forgive the Arabs anything, but we can't forgive them for turning our sons into killers.

I know what she meant.

I can forgive Justin Bieber his youtube video.

I can forgive him for his music, his lyrics and associated fame.

I can forgive him for my ten year old boy's endless use of my blow dryer.

Hell, I can forgive him for creating a nail polish, marketing the nail polish to six year old girls, and naming the colors after his hit songs.

But Justin - making the nail polish so unbelievably hard to remove?

I really can't forgive you for that one.


  1. I can't forgive his parents from unleashing him on humanity, but I can help you with the nail polish: the sally Hanson jar to remove tips is full on acetone. Removes even shellack Mani in seconds

  2. I'm here being entertained by my very funny friend and her friends (who are also my friends).