Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tweet, Tweet, Roar?

I'm driving the kids to school this morning.  They are all excited about the blog.  They want to help.

"Here's how you can help", I tell them.  "Let's brainstorm ideas of people I can interview for the blog.  People who will tell us about complaints."  I am thinking they will suggest friends we know who own a store.  Or the waitress at our favorite diner.

No such luck.

"I have an idea", says T (almost six).  "You can interview a bird."

"A bird?" I say, briefly trying out the modern parenting philosophy that there is no such thing as a stupid answer, "and what would the bird's complaints be?"

She thinks about it.  "The bird might have trouble finding worms.  Or it's nest might be broken. Maybe someone took the baby bird away."

"These are all good complaints", I lie.  "But let's think of something more realistic.  Someone REAL, that we can actually INTERVIEW, who will TRULY tell us how they deal with complaints."

Thoughtful silence.

"I got it Mom", says G (nine).  "We can interview a tiger.  They are an endangered species."


I think it's time to put away the Dr. Doolittle DVDs.