Sunday, 13 March 2011

High Class Complaints

"My masseuse is always seven minutes late.  Doesn't she realize my reflexologist will be here any minute?"; or "Now that John Galliano's out of the picture, I'm totally screwed.  Who the hell is going to dress me for Kate's wedding?"

These are high class complaints.

But my cousin M uses the expression high class complaints to describe any complaint that is a nice problem to have.  Complaints that we know we really shouldn't be making because just by virtue of the fact that we have the luxury of making them - they aren't real complaints.

Like if your shellac manicure is supposed to last two weeks, and one of the nails pops off, just as you are leaving to a luxury villa in the West Indies.  You are lucky to have shellac, lucky to be on vacation, lucky to be in the West Indies, who cares if you are one nail polish short of a full manicure? On the other hand, it is a legitimate complaint.  The nails are supposed to have a two week guarantee, and if the nail comes off before the two weeks are up - especially if you are on your way to the airport and can't have them fixed - it can be very annoying.

Not that I would ever complain about anything like that.

How about you? Any High Class complaints to share?


  1. depends which finger it was!!!! ;) (I love the name High Class Complaints!)

  2. I have a friend who I very concerned about Galliano...well concerned about himself in relaton to Galliano. "I have a sweatshirt that says Galliano all over the hood!! what do I do??"
    problems, endless problems

  3. Yes, last year, while having lunch at work I was complaining about how my nanny had taken the initiative to do something that always annoys me -- like making dinner using an ingredient I was saving for something else, or putting away clothes I hadn't decided I was keeping only to discover them weeks later when they could no longer be returned. That's when someone who clearly felt that this was a "high class" complaint let me know it: She said, gee, good help is hard to find, isn't it! But I knew she really meant: You should shut up since you're the only one around here who has help at home...

  4. A classic example! Thanks for sharing.