Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Early Morning FAQs

Q: Is there a way to follow your blog without having to keep checking it?
A:  Yes.  When you are finished reading this sentence, continue to glance toward your right.  You will see a box that says "Follow by email".  Enter your e-mail address.  Click the submit button. You will then receive blog updates by e-mail.

Q: Is that the same as becoming a "follower" of your blog?
A: No.  If you follow by e-mail, you will get the latest postings by e-mail.  If you become a "follower" of the blog a few things happen: first of all, anyone who reads your blog or who checks out your profile will know that you follow this blog and maybe they will follow too.  Second, people reading the blog might be curious who else is reading it or who the other "followers" are.  Third, as we continue to move forward in our relationship, some followers may decide to comment on a posting and other followers may reply, and maybe we will all get to know each other.  Finally, from what I hear, it is good for me to have "followers" because it means you are all reading on a regular basis.  Please - follow me.

Q: How can I comment on your blog?
A: At the end of each posting there is an opportunity to post your comments.  You can type your comments into the box and click post.  I am very interested in what you have to say.  Please comment.

Q: I have an important job and know lots of important people.  I want to follow you but I don't want anyone to know who I am.  Help?
A: This is a very common problem.  Many of us are super-important.  Thankfully, blogspot is one step ahead of us and has two possible solutions: You can follow me anonymously.  Or use a fake name.  I promise I won't tell anyone.

Q: You are funny.  How do I share your posting with my facebook friends?
A:  At the bottom of each post there are little squares.  If you look closely, there are different icons.  One is for facebook.  If you click on it, you will be able to post a link to this blog on your facebook page.  You can add a message, like "check this out - LOL".

Q:  Is it the same think for Twitter or LinkedIN?
A:  Yes, they each have icons at the bottom of the posting too.  Although I'm thinking that if you have a Twitter account you are probably not reading these FAQs.  Unless you are currently in a battle with the City.  You know who you are.

Q: I'm confused.  How does this relate to knitting?
A: I am now laughing at my own joke.  I will let you in on it: For years, I have been using FAQs to communicate with my knitting buddies.  So, this time I used FAQs but not for knitting.  I'm thinking the knitters reading this will be confused.  Get it? Because it's FAQs but not knitting FAQs? Funny, huh?

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  1. ha! yes, I know who I am. ;)
    I would also like to recommend people use an RSS reader like Googler Reader, makes it super easy to follow this blog, along with any others, like say, crafty-knitty blogs......